What We Do

We can provide the best services for you if you are looking for an event organizer or wedding planner in Karachi.

We also provide solutions & assistance for Pakistanis living abroad for any pending work or issues in Pakistan which you cannot look after in person.

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With our experience and skills we can provide you with the best support we can offer you for any of your pending work or issues.

Our care and support for our customers is our #1 priority. Do get in touch with us.

Social and Welfare Work

The owner of Pakistan Event and Multi Services Organization (PEMSO) is a life member of The Poor Patients Aid Society, Civil Hospital, Karachi which is a volunteer, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profitable registered and Tax Exempted charity organization established by a committed group of individuals in 1985. For more details please visit here.

About Our Company

We at Pakistan Event and Multi Services Organization (PEMSO) aim to provide the best services in helping you organize an event or wedding in Karachi.

We also provide various solutions and assistance for any issues or pending work in Pakistan which you cannot give any attention to if you live abroad or if you are heavily engaged in your day to day affairs.

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If you are having issues with Bank or Financial Institutions to get facilities… We are here to help